Program Resources

Staff support and school visits

KRC has several program representatives supporting schools and groups from Yarmouth to Sydney. They can help coaches tailor the program, promote participation at school assemblies, motivate participants and provide running clinics. 

Runner’s Handbook

A runner’s handbook with training guides, tips for running, stretching exercises and information on healthy living is available for participants to view or download.

Runners Handbook: English

Runners Handbook: French

Certificate of achievement

Rewarding participants for their hard work and training is key to ensuring they get the most of the program and return the following year. Kids Run Club has designed a Certificate of Achievement for coaches to present to their participants at the end of the season.

English Certificate [PDF]

French Certificate [PDF]

Healthy Living Challenge

The Healthy Living Challenge (HLC) is a five-day challenge that encourages participants to be active, eat well and reduce their screen time. It can be used in conjunction with KRC or as a classroom activity.

Although the HLC can be used with learners of all ages, it may be most suitable for students in Grades 2-6.

Healthy Living Challenge: English version

Healthy Living Challenge: French version

Running log/training programs

Tracking runs is a great way to keep participants engaged and motivated throughout their training. Being able to track progress as each participant moves through the program will not only keep them from getting discouraged after a difficult run, but will also help them to build momentum over time, which is key to successful training. Kids Run Club running logs include training programs, information on running technique, and tips for success. 

Runners Log [English]

Runners Log [French]

Form letter

Kids Run Club has created a form letter (English and French) that coaches can personalize to help make implementation easy and to ensure parents are kept informed.

Finishers’ prizes

All Kids Run Club participants receive a finisher’s prize in recognition for completing the program. Last year, more than 13,000 drawstring bags were distributed across the province.