Kids Run Club Was Created By Doctors

Doctors Nova Scotia was the first medical association in Canada to offer a free running program to address inactivity in children and youth. In taking this leap, Kids Run Club was born.

Kids Run Club is a free school-based running program designed to give children and youth an opportunity to be active through running.

The goal of Kids Run Club is to give children and youth a chance to be active and to learn about healthy lifestyles. The best part about Kids Run Club is it can be adapted for kids of all ages and abilities. This club teaches participants about proper technique and pacing, and how to balance the challenge of running with taking breaks so that all experience success and, of course, have fun!

Our solution to helping inspire children to be healthier and more active doesn’t include fancy apps, expensive technologies or groundbreaking ideas. Our solution is focused around something that has been a part of humanity since the beginning of time but has become less common over the years with the introduction of technology, specifically television, video games and tablets/smartphones. Simply put, kids move less and sit more. Our solution is simple things like running, storytelling, education, and a whole lot of fun.

We believe every child should have the chance to enjoy a healthy and active future. We connect with schools, programs and local communities looking to achieve the common goal of physical literacy and healthy living for all.

What We’ve Accomplished

Since launching Kids Run Club in 2004, we’ve educated thousands of students in all corners of the province about the importance of healthful living and giving them the strategies they need to lead active and healthy lives. We’ve also given them an opportunity to experience physical activity in a positive, inclusive and fun way. In collaboration with our founding partner, Doctors Nova Scotia, Kids Run Club has successfully grown from just 3,500 participants and 58 schools to more than 17,000 participants and 260 schools and groups.

We pride ourselves on offering a no-cost program to all children in Nova Scotia. Kids Run Club is offered to children of all ages and abilities, in all regions of the province. Our accessibility and non-competitive focus help build confidence in children of diverse backgrounds and fitness levels, and helps each individual achieve their desired goals.

Kids Run Club has received national recognition and two awards for health promotion: the Health Promotion and Innovation Award of Excellence from the Canadian Institute of Child Health in 2006 and the Ron Draper Health Promotion Award from the Canadian Public Health Association in 2012. More recently, we received the 2017 partnership award from the Nova Scotia Teachers Union for Physical and Health Education, which recognizes the program’s connection with teachers, and for its demonstrated support for the development of physical and health education in the province.

Here’s what 260+ KRC schools across the province looks like:

How We’ve Been Able To Make This Impact

Over the last few years, the success and growth of Kids Run Club can be directly linked to the outpouring of support from teachers, sponsors, community members, doctors, students, parents, and people like you. The support we receive from volunteers and sponsors alone has played a massive impact in helping us inspire more children to live healthier and more active lives.

The Kids Run Club Team

In addition to the countless number of volunteers, we have a pretty great team here at KRC:

Kerry Copeland
Executive Director

Leah Jabbour
KRC/Fund Development Coordinator

Shannon Read
KRC Representative Valley,

Meghan Ashton
KRC Representative CBRM

Harriet Wright
KRC Representative HRM

Kids Run Club is a Doctors Nova Scotia Healthy Tomorrow Foundation program

The Doctors Nova Scotia Healthy Tomorrow Foundation is a charitable organization committed to:

Mission: To give all Nova Scotia children a healthy tomorrow.

Vision: Every child is inspired, informed and empowered to be healthy and active for life.

Purpose: To support Nova Scotia’s kids in embracing active living and instilling in them the knowledge, skills and motivation required to be healthy and active for life. KRC is a vehicle through which schools and communities can create the cultural shift required to ensure all Nova Scotia children have a healthy tomorrow.

CRA charitable organization business number: 76937 6088 RR0001

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