Kids Run Club Kicks Off Year-16

Kids Run Club is pretty excited about launching for a 16th year. This is our second year of operation under the Doctors Nova Scotia Healthy Tomorrow Foundation charity and with more than 70 schools registered already, we’re well on our way to achieving our goal of reaching 17,000 kids at 240 schools this year.


Kids Run Club is very fortunate to have continued support from our funding partners and sponsors who make the program possible. Without support from Doctors Nova Scotia, the Nova Scotia Government, MD Financial Management, Clearwater Seafoods and Micco Companies, the aspects of Kids Run Club that make it great – incentive prizes, coach’s gifts and site visits by regional reps – wouldn’t happen. We’re grateful for their ongoing support and belief in our program.

This year, we’re also very fortunate to have received grants from the TELUS Friendly Future Foundation and three Cape Breton Community Health Boards (Central and North Inverness and Victoria County). These funds go directly towards ensuring we are able to support, educate and motivate our members on the ground through our regional representatives.

Our circle of support also includes a growing list of KRC Community Champions. These local businesses have contributed in a meaningful way to ensure Kids Run Club continues to be accessible to all communities and kids in the province. We are over halfway to achieving our goal of having 20 KRC Champions this year! If you or someone you know is interested in becoming a Community Champion you can learn more here!


One of Kids Run Club’s strengths is our amazing team of representatives who share their knowledge and enthusiasm for active, healthy living with hundreds of teachers across the province. Ensuring teachers feel supported and valued is key to their returning every year to help their students engage in Kids Run Club.

With Kerry Copeland being kept busy with Foundation work, Leah Jabbour has taken over as coordinator and will be working with a strong team consisting of returning regional reps Meghan Ashton (Cape Breton/Strait), Shannon Read (Valley & Tri-County) and Harriet Wright (HRM). We’ll also be adding an new rep to the team so watch for news about that soon.

Kids Run Club and students from Dalhousie’s School of Medicine will be partnering for a fourth year. Approximately 20 first and second year students are signed up to be trained as coaches and will support approximately 10 local schools. Having these students support the program is a big win for all: they make the program possible at schools that might otherwise not have one; they are inspiring and fun role models for Kids Run Club participants; and they gather important experience regarding the state of kids’ health that will make them better-informed physicians.


Kids Run Club offers a number of resources including incentive prizes, swag for coaches, training videos and online tools such as handbooks for coaches and runners, running logs and certificates of achievement. Our Coach’s Corner is where you’ll find the tools you need to implement a fun and successful program.

The Kids Run Club swag is getting a refresh this year including a new look for the backpack prize we give to participants and a pretty cool water bottle for our amazing coaches. These items play a crucial role in motivating participants and thanking coaches who are, for the most part, teachers volunteering their time to get their students moving.


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