Doctors Nova Scotia Healthy Tomorrow Foundation

The Doctors Nova Scotia Healthy Tomorrow Foundation was established in 2018 to carry on the Kids Run Club legacy created by Doctors Nova Scotia in 2004. As a registered charity, the Foundation strives to help create a healthy future for all Nova Scotians by promoting and facilitating movement while protecting and growing our marquee program, Kids Run Club.

In the fall of 2019, the Foundation Board of Directors conducted strategic planning with help from Royer Thompson. The outcome was a 3-year Strategic Plan to guide the work of the Foundation that includes a revised direction and expanded scope.


Every Nova Scotian is inspired, informed and empowered to achieve wellness through active and healthy living.


Helping to create a happy and healthy tomorrow for all Nova Scotians through movement.


Inclusive. Kids First. Fun. Agile.


  • To secure sustainable three-to-five year funding for Kids Run Club.
  • To diversify funding partnerships to reach 51% non-governmental sources.
  • To successfully expand its scope by embarking on two new initiatives that help Nova Scotians achieve wellness through movement.


  • Build the Foundation’s Capacity
  • Develop and deliver exceptional products
  • Create and strengthen strategic alliances
  • Evolve Kids Run Club
  • Advocate for a healthy tomorrow