Six Reasons Why We’re Grateful To Nova Scotia’s Teachers

Nova Scotia teachers have been the heartbeat of Kids Run Club for 15 years. Today, we’re taking a minute to recognize the important and profound impact Nova Scotia’s teachers have on our kids’ health and well-being.

Each school day, Nova Scotia’s teachers look for ways to help students to be their best. There are so many ways they support our kids, and for all of these reasons (and more!) we’re grateful.

  1. Caring for the whole student.

Teachers grade homework but they also assess our kids’ well-being. They support them in developing healthy brains, active imaginations and strong social skills.

  1. The brightest part of our kids’ days.

Whether greeting students at the bus with a smile or listening to them with care in the cafeteria, Nova Scotia’s teachers show their students that they matter. Teachers make our kids smile and laugh and they give them a positive space to thrive!

  1. Giving students a chance to experience success.

Whether through the curriculum, intramurals, or extra-curricular activities, teachers help their students find their strengths, experience a sense of pride and work through challenges to help them shine.

  1. Helping them shape their own identity.

Teachers connect students’ developing ideas, opinions and questions to the wider world.

  1. Helping to instill important life lessons and values.

Teachers guide students as they evaluate new experiences and develop their own ideals.

  1. Keeping them healthy.

From modeling nutritious snack options to leading classroom body breaks, Nova Scotia’s teachers help students make healthy choices to create lifelong habits.

Another way teachers keep students healthy is by volunteering to lead programs such as Kids Run Club. Currently, more than 500 teachers across the province give up their time to coach a Kids Run Club.

When it started in 2004, there were 3,500 kids taking part. Last year, there were over 17,000 students running in the program. That kind of growth couldn’t happen without the sustained support of volunteer coaches, the majority of whom are teachers.

There are 38 volunteer coaches celebrating 10 years with Kids Run Club. Sixteen of those have been with the program for more than 10 years, and four have been with the program since it started 15 years ago, including Jennifer Burton, a teacher at Burton Ettinger Elementary in Halifax.

“Kids Run Club provides opportunities for students who may not have access to structured extracurricular activities,” says Ms. Burton. “They learn about perseverance, group work and, hopefully, develop a taste for physical activity as a fun way to spend time.”

She appreciates how Kids Run Club allows entry points for all students. “Some run faster, some run for longer periods, some walk or run, and some twirl,” she says. “We all move the entire time and head to class invigorated.”

John McGowan, a teacher at Springvale Elementary School in Halifax and another 15-year volunteer, notes how the Kids Run Club program supports coaches with helpful tips and hints which results in a stronger, more successful program.

“When we started 15 years ago, we had about 60 students from grades 3 to 6 who participated,” he says. “Now we have more than 200 who participate from Primary to Grade 6 during lunch or after school.”

Kids Run Club volunteer coaches like Ms. Burton and Mr. McGowan give so much to make the program fun, and that keeps students engaged. Students have space to be active, to fall down and get back up, to celebrate the success of others and to motivate themselves. Through Kids Run Club, teachers create a community for our kids.

For these and so many more reasons, we are grateful to our amazing teachers who support Kids Run Club.

Thank you!