Kids Run Club at Home

KRC at Home Summer Program

This summer inspire your kids to keep active by inviting them to join our free KRC at Home summer program! In fact, why not invite their friends or take on the challenge as a family and get running together!

Join us for an eight-week, program that will inspire kids to set running goals, build their endurance and have fun.

Kids can choose from three training goals of 2, 4 or 5 km. Each week has a special theme to keep running fun and provide some extra motivation. We encourage KRC at Home participants to share photos of their running adventures with us on Facebook or Twitter. Make sure to tag us and use #KRCatHome when sharing pictures or videos on social media.

Running tools

We’ve created KRC at Home packages in French and English to guide families and their kids through the running plans. The packages include three training options and tips for improving running and having more fun.

Be sure to check out the KRC YouTube channel to learn more about the weekly challenges and where KRC coaches and special guests provide awesome tips to help you become a better running and learn about lots of interesting topics like yoga for runners, how to get rid of a side stitch and tips for running with a dog!

Running schedule

Start your KRC at Home program in early July to allow yourself time to finish the eight week program before schools starts. The training programs are available in French and English and include three runs each week.

With help from their parents, kids can select a running route close to home. The routes should be 250 to 500 m long and can be repeated depending on the length of the scheduled run. We recommend using a variety of running routes and locations, if possible, to keep the running more interesting.

KRC at Home will wrap-up in your eighth week, with the final run of 2, 4 or 5 kilometres. Participants are encouraged to download a final run bib which they can personalize, and a certificate of achievement (English or French) that recognizes their hard work and determination.

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