Why We Launched A Girls Run Club

Join us on our quest to inspire more kids to become healthier and more active.

In Canada, only 39% of children and youth achieve the recommended 60 minutes a day of moderate to vigorous physical activity. Unfortunately, girls experience even lower rates of activity than boys.

Offering girls-only physical activity programs, particularly for those in junior and senior high schools, contributes to increased participation and provides an experience that results in sustained increases in physical activity rates.

Benefits Of A Girls-Only Running Program:

  • Provides opportunities for increased confidence and comfort in active abilities, which encourages increased interest in being active and a boost in general self-confidence
  • Provides non-competitive fun
  • Focuses on fun, personal achievement and the non-competitive nature of running, which encourages physical activity into adulthood
  • Promotes positive body image
  • Helps girls appreciate how their bodies can function, rather than how they appear
  • Provides an opportunity to address issues, such as self-esteem and positive body image, that are specific to girls. Girls feel less pressure to perform or look a certain way

Offering a Girls Run Club doesn’t have to be complicated or very different from the co-ed version. Simply providing the opportunity for girls to be active without the influence and presence of boys may be enough to enhance the experience, especially for those girls with lower fitness levels and/or lower confidence in being active.

This kind of opportunity is particularly important for girls at the senior elementary and junior high levels who are entering puberty and becoming significantly less active than boys.

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