Blue Nose Marathon Free Entries for KRC Participants

The Healthy Tomorrow Foundation recognizes that race entries for events can be a significant barrier for families, especially if they have more than one child who’d like to participate. That’s why we’re offering 150 free entries to the Doctors Nova Scotia Youth Run at the Blue Nose Marathon to our Kids Run Club participants. These free entries are being made possible in partnership with our volunteer KRC Coaches from Dalhousie’s School of Medicine who have fundraised to ensure Kids Run Club participants aren’t held back by financial barriers.

Coaches from participating Kids Run Club schools are asked to complete the following application based on their knowledge of students/families who are most in need. Another important factor to consider is whether the students have the means to get to the event on May 21st.

With only 150 entries to provide, we will make every effort to ensure they are distributed as fairly as possible. To provide some context, the average number of entries requested in the past has been 10.

Deadline for applications is Friday May 6th.

Coaches will be contacted by Monday, May 9th regarding the number of bursaries they have been granted and information for registering their students for the event.

For more information, please contact KRC Coordinator Leah Jabbour: leah.jabbour@kidsrunclub.ca