Healthy Tomorrow Foundation Launches Let’s Keep Moving!

Normally at this time of year, Kids Run Club is partnering with teachers at more than 220 schools across Nova Scotia to help 16,000+ kids embrace active, healthy living. With schools being closed and Nova Scotians having to stay close to home due to the COVID-19 pandemic, the Doctors Nova Scotia Healthy Tomorrow Foundation wanted to create a way to still impact the lives of Kids Run Club participants and their families.

With a commitment to helping all Nova Scotians move more, a campaign has been developed to help inspire daily movement by not only children, youth and their parents, but also adults who want to move more. The campaign consists of three videos each weekday built on an Alphabet Activity Challenge: a high-energy activity in English and French and a lower-impact option in English. Videos, are posted on the Healthy Tomorrow Facebook page, range from 10-20 minutes, include activities and instruction that can be modified for different levels of ability and completed in the confined spaces of our homes.

Through the Let’s Keep Moving campaign, the Healthy Tomorrow Foundation hopes to inspire and support Nova Scotians to include movement in their daily lives and to experience a sense of togetherness as we face these challenging times. We’d like to acknowledge our Kids Run Club funding partners, sponsors and supporters for standing behind us as we work to honour our commitment to help Nova Scotians move more.